We have some questions we can answer here quickly – if you are stuck with something in the network, please check here!

Where do I find the EC Podcast or recommend someone?

We use Anchor.Fm/theEC to distribute the podcast and it will let you choose your platform from there or put in a request for the one you want. It really assists us when you put in a request as they know people are listen and will support us! Please also take a minute to share to your Instagram story if one of our productions really connects for you! We love the downloads and likes! We are here to lift you up and support you and really want to know what works!

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How can I apply to be on The EC Podcast or recommend someone?

We are currently scheduling guests for next year and here is a webform you can fill out.

Where do I create my business profile?

Please join us in our Mighty Network app! It is a private app that holds our courses, groups, main feed and you can also see when we have live Zoom events happening such as coworking and dinner parties or apre. Please fill out the profile completely, A photo of yourself is expected, your website or at least a Linkedin link. Please engage, interact and support others. There is a book club to offer up recommendations, classes, many ways to interact.

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You can also download “Mighty Network” App from both Google and Apple and we really recommend using this on your phone, it’s the most fun! Check out the menu and engage!

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Please send Anyssa Jane a message in the app listed about and we will walk you through set up etc.