What is The Entrepreneur Collective? 

Think of this collective as your digital co-working space, office, water cooler and business incubator you can visit anytime.  If you need an #ideajam or honest feedback or push, we got your back! 

Together we are discovering amazing possibilities, learning and growing our businesses and ourselves together as a community, online and in person. This is your back office!

A business generator bringing entrepreneurs together online and in person internationally. We offer support, solid training and amazing connections. 

All events are produced so far by Anyssa and her small mighty team of friends at The Communication Studio online and offline.

From Podcasts to Zoom event and luncheons we bring small powerful consistent events for you to meet, collaborate and increase your skills and influence.

Benefits you get of joining the network: 

We have groups, group coaching, classes and live events online and in person!

  • Access to Monday Morning Coworking at 10 am West Coast Canadian Time
    ( PST) with networking beforehand. 
  • Access to mini Workshop on setting up the basics of your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Access to Quickie Business Plan Download and access to join our private mastermind if you want support on building a business you love.
  • Access to Master Classes on finances, success and relationships
  • You’ll join a supportive community of like minded people who want to help you to design a better life and build your business for success. 
  • Receive periodic invitations to online and eventually live events in Whistler, BC Canada, with Anyssa Jane
  • Get Free access to the MIghty Networks mobile app, which makes participating in THE EC workshops and event a breeze from any mobile device or just leave the website open on your website guilt free as it is about you!
  • If you have a course you want to teach you can apply to be an instructor in the network as well!
  • The EC Podcast – listen in or apply to be interviewed!

Find a group that works for you, live or online, from a business mastermind, our live private woman’s club, the coffee house network or take a master class!
Contact Anyssa Jane with a new idea to grow the network or a class you would like to teach inside the network!

Coworking is included in your membership every Monday on Zoom!

Meet Your Host

Anyssa Jane


As one of her first university’s classes to be using Facebook for learning, and using the internet, not just for learning, but to expand influence, Anyssa has been teaching entrepreneurs about how to use the Internet, grow their business and life coaching since 2009. As a graphic designer with her degree of fine art, she thrives on hosting people in a creative learning environment. Creating a space where entrepreneurs can learn why they need to learn so they will always be curious enough to learn the how of what is being taught. She currently lives in Whistler, BC, not far from her 3 grandchildren and kids who all live in Beautiful British Columbia as well.
She thrives on challenge, community and is also building her legacy brand, Whistler Girl to assist young adults again out of care and into their own homes. Building community and connection is her passion.

Next Steps…

Not sure where to start? Hop into the The EC, create a profile and start making connections via coworking on Monday, or take a class and connect with others in or who have taken the course. Listen to the instructor, their podcasts and build connections and support each other in success.

Click here to join and create a profile!