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I’m, the first to admit I thought I had it all. I owned a million dollar mortgage brokerage, had two great, thriving kids, a nice home, a loving husband, kind friends.
Check. Check. Check.
By all accounts, I was living the life. I had it made.
The truth, however, wasn’t so black and white. I wasn’t happy at all. I was in a perpetual state of dismay. “IS THIS IT?!” I asked (belted out). I wanted more out of my marriage, my friendships, my life, my career. More more more.

So, I took a leap and I made some changes. BIG changes. It was terrifying and exhilarating. I locked in on what I loved most in the world and made that happen. Now, I do the same for other entrepreneurs who are at the same junction.

“There’s ALWAYS more, And you can have it. For real.”
Waiting and wondering is “fine”, but who wants “fine” when you can have FABULOUS?
Specialties: Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker, No Shit Taker, Coaching, Expert Referral Marketing Guru, Workshop Facilitator, Manifesto Mastermind Groups