Mahan Khalsa is a woman lit up with passionate purpose. She’s a down to earth, reach-for-the-skies, wildly spirited woman. For 2 decades, she’s devoted her life to learning and growing into her happiest, healthiest, and most radiant self. 

As a committed yogini, dynamic healer and lifestyle entrepreneur, Mahan is committed to sharing ancient practices and practical tools to inspire and support others along their transformational path to holistic health and well-being.

Mahan passionately shares the practice of yoga to guide and assist others in living life with vitality, creativity, and a connection to their higher self. 

Her passion for yoga and optimal well-being is spreading like wildfire in Vancouver, as she and her committed team of yoga instructors bring yoga to homes, offices and special events around the city. 

To learn more, visit:

Facebook: MahanDharma

Instagram: @mahandharmaqueen