How we manage your privacy in The Entrepreneur Collective.

We have purchased the use of a ” Mighty Network” Which manages our membership. It is an American company but is the best choice for us at this time and a Canadian app that hosts Groups, Lessons, Events as well as a Networking platform still does not exists with such robust features.

Our general networking, membership is by invite here, and our groups, lessons and events have different levels of membership and security.

You can create your profile here and it must have a photo, a location and a link to your business or Linkedin Page within the week to hold your spot as a members. We have daily checkings, Weekly coworking, Monthly Live events when covid possible and annual conferences in Whislter, BC Canada as of 2020. You can also sign up for master classes as they become available.

To find out more about Mighty Networks you can click here and they have their privacy policy easily accessible


Our CRM Is a Zoho Product and we chose this as it is international and has been around since The Communication Studio started and has always held our information safely. To fin out more about them and their products and policy’s click here

We hope at some point to be able to use Canadian Servers but our clients are international. To support a Canadian Company who host’s your content in Canada we recommend