I want you to ask yourself something:

How much of your time is being sucked up from emails every day?

I don’t know about you but my computer routine consists of deleting a bunch of emails, then opening one and going down a rabbit hole of online shopping, then going back to deleting more emails then going back to online shopping, and just like that, an hour of my day gone and I accomplished nothing!

But You Can Learn A Lot From Emails

I personally learned a lot about marketing just from my inbox. I noticed the emails that caught my attention and I put those emails in a folder called ‘swipe file’ and I use them as examples when I go to write my emails. I also pay close attention to people doing event funnels or webinar funnels and I swipe those into a file too!

What I’m trying to say is that email is not dead. In fact, it’s highly effective for selling something.

Why I Got Out of Email

I couldn’t run my day effectively because email is addictive. Emails are great if we are selling something, but not so great if we are trying to be productive.

So here’s what I did.

  • I opened a Slack account and put it on my phone and my desktop. 
  • I moved my VA, team and anyone I do business with onto Slack.
  • I set up an autoresponder on my Gmail letting people know that I do not check this email anymore and to email my virtual assistant. (If you don’t have a virtual assistant you are making a mistake).

Let me know if this helped you!

Anyssa Jane

Founder of The Entrepreneur Collective

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