Does anyone else get those texts from “Compete Everyday” to your phone every morning via the Community platform? 

Sometimes because of their consistency, I forget to click and read them. I wouldn’t ignore a text from a friend, and I realize reading today’s quote, that I really need to make these simple gifts, of a few solid, helpful words I don’t have to just hunt down, a daily ritual to read.  I don’t need to go to a book or Google “motivational sayings”.  Maybe using Siri more often would be a solution, but I would worry about what she would extract from the web to share with me. 

“Abundance and lack both originate in our minds. What are you giving more attention to today?⁣” – Compete Everyday text messages 

These simple things happened this week as well that I realized I need to stop and just acknowledge each made me feel so abundant! 

  • This morning there was a beautiful gift on my front door, the result of a conversation, turning into reality
  • I also found a lovely gift in my mailbox, for my 50th! 
  • A friend randomly came into work to visit me last night
  • My daughter picked up the phone and put me on speaker phone, while picking up takeout dinner with my mom and her three wee boys in the van and we had a fun conversation and catch up. All made me tap into my sense of abundance.  
  • My son responded to a text!
  • An old dear friend I had lost touch with over covid has come back “online” 

Just two of us showed up to book club this week and just like years ago when three of us showed up to The Ladies Meeting, or Fika Friday, then 4, then 5.. then 30.. then 50 one day, the truth is that exactly the right person showed up to create a perfect moment. 

This quote from Compete Now, just reminds me to focus on the good stuff; the abundance. I know, as we all do, that there will be moments or space in that “dash” we call life that will feel lack, or sadness, or regret. Many things will leave us winded.  I have also learned not to rush through the feelings or pain, but let them flow, sometimes like the tide, in and out, but always I am looking for the shore to feel safe or sometimes saved!

We all see the good things in life on Instagram, and I hear complaints about filters and too much insta-perfect happiness.  It doesn’t take a lot of wisdom to know that everyone has their ups and downs. It’s how we know what feels good because we have had challenges that make us feel like crap, or deep sadness and loss.  Extracting the rise of jealous emotion many naturally leave unfiltered, and focusing on the things that uplift our spirit, can be the goal. An example of someone else’s success or something that brings them joy, could be a template for you, a goal? Letting it flow like a tide and seeing it all for what it is, a visual gift, a construct we can decide how to translate and use for good in our own experience. 

As the great poet Gibran once said:

“Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.  And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.” – Gibran, poet

Let me know how that resonated with you!

Anyssa Jane

Founder of The Entrepreneur Collective

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