This will be an all day, online event featuring Brenda Benham, Michelle Abraham, Joseph Ghabi, Anyssa Jane and more! We will work on the present problems we have in our business, and look at the future. Look forward to building amazing connections on line and assisting you to design a beautiful life, even if it is just for a moment, and assist you to build your epic empire, event if it is a little smaller right now!

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5 am – Miracle Morning Opening of 30 Day Challenge with Anyssa Jane
Replay and 30 Day Challenge Here

7 am – Joseph P Ghabi – Morning Meditation
Connect with Joseph in a private group and see Replay Here

10 am – Mehan Khalsa – Online Yoga Class – Bring your own mat 😉
Get replay in our private online health club here with Mehan Here

11 am Coffee House Co-Working break out sessions

1 pm – Feature Speaker – The Ladies Meeting online Luncheon Fix Your Presentation with Brenda Benham
Find Replay and MasterClass Here
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Get your free worksheets here

3 pm Podcast Training with Michelle Abraham
Please subscribe and click for replay

5 PM Round Table with Anyssa Jane & Tony Malyk on Covid, your business and the next 90 days. Replay here

7 PM online cooking show – we did this with Nona Vegan! Was so much fun!

Supper Club with Kailey Gilchrist – The Saucy Boss
She will be showing us something fun simple and easy to make from what you probably already have! Bring the household, bring the wine and we will chat after as well.

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