We have an amazing line up of experiences and learning for the day.
This is not a speak AT you kind of day.
This is a day to get online, connect, expand your influence and share how you have been working to pivot your business and see if there are others you can assist or learn from.
1) 6 am PST you are welcome to join in another launch of the 30 day miracle morning challenge. Live chat in our back office in The Entrepreneur Collective and you can watch our launch from last month as well.
2) 8:35 am PST Flash Mastermind with Maggie and Anyssa – will go over the top 5 ways to raise your vibration, work on better health, assist you in stacking small moments of happiness to achieve a better sense of well being, and how that applies to your business.
3) 10:00 am PST The Coffee House Network and coworking
Hop on with us and do some deep networking, collaboration and a full out of getting shit done! Bring that project that would fall under ” bite the head off the frog in your planner” and we have a special offer from The Trade Exchange for everyone the RSVP’s and shows up!
4) Our Luncheon double Keynote
1 with Blair Kaplan Venables on “Resilience”
2 with Gina Best on ” It’s ok – not to be ok – being ok with where you are”
5) 6 PM – online wine tasting
Throughout the day if you want to head over to the water cooler in The Entrepreneur Collective in The Coffee House Network you are welcome to start a live chat or get involved in one already started You can create a free profile now and explore the network as well. It’s totally free and you can use your Facebook profile or email to set up a profile and start networking now!

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